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The mortgage industry is a multi-trillion dollar market that is plagued by inefficiencies and outdated technology.



ClearCloser’s platform currently offers 32+ application programming interfaces (APIs) data streams and the proprietary Instant Underwriter Algorithm modeled around the industry standard 5 C’S OF CREDIT, with open parameter flexibility capable of simultaneously adapting system rules to regulate processing of multiple loan program criteria and situations specific dynamic underwriting conditions.

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True digitization, for a living source of truth.

Reduce the risk of fraud, lower costs, and improve loan approval rates.

To mitigate credit risks, our system also conducts automated pre-screen diligence on third party entities such as appraisers, inspectors, attorneys etc., which makes closing loans faster.

User experience

Designed by industry professionals.

ClearCloser is making the process as easy as possible for everyone with a mobile first design for closing loans on the go.

Real-time updates on every step of your transaction.
Our technology then goes one step further by analyzing all available public records and third party databases.
No more scouring Google for information. ClearCloser verifies before an application is created.


ClearCloser offers an entirely new approach to financing Residential and Commercial Real Estate transactions through its unique combination of advanced data analytics, blockchain technology, and emerging financial technology.

Our proprietary platform allows us to enable lenders to instantly underwrite loan applications using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that are capable of assessing risk across hundreds or even thousands of different data points simultaneously.

Retail Origination

Private Lenders - Realtors - Brokers - Correspondent Lenders

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Secondary Market

Aggregators / Whole Note Buyer - REITs -  Hedge Funds -  Portfolio Managers - Diligence Firms


Institutions - Bond Issuers - REPO


Diligence Firms - Rating Agencies

The Ecosystem

The custom portals streamline the application process by providing real-time updates on every step of the transaction in an easy-to-use mobile interface to provide a frictionless mortgage experience.

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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