One loan file. One version. One Portal.

ClearCloser provides the technology needed to transform the closing experience with tools to make closing quick and consistent.
"Customize underwriting guidelines to fit your loan programs."

In addition to the standard underwriting parameters, Lenders have the option to include custom closing conditions to fit their loan programs with manual in-house underwriter approval and oversight.

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"Offer peace of mind to your loan applicants by Prequalifying using Soft Credit Inquiry."

A hard credit inquiry may impact your credit scores and stay on your credit reports for about two years, while a soft credit inquiry won’t affect your scores. Unlike hard inquiries, soft credit inquiries won’t affect your credit scores. (They may or may not be recorded in your credit reports, depending on the credit bureau.)

"Estimated property values instantly available in the loan application stage to improve the accuracy of quoting loan terms, prior to availability of an appraisal report."

Your programs. Your rules. Order appraisal directly to notional leading AMC's, or from your choice of preferred local appraisers. The custom portal allows you to invite appraisers to join the network and request approval from your team to submit valuation reports.

"Title Requests, Submissions, Revisions, and Recording records all in one place."

Order Title Request direction through the custom portal, receive real-time updates, and and automated closing notifications.

"Quote. Compare. Bind."

Compare and save with instant property insurance quotes from top network providers. All insurance quote submissions offer comparable market quotes.


Once all the involved parties have been identified, each will receive access to a unique portal to complete loan file application.

source data

Data Sourced and Encrypted Loan File is generated.


A.I. Preliminary Risk Assessment & Mitigation Analysis Report is issued along with closing conditions and supporting document requisitions tailored to the Lender's underwriting guidelines.


White-labeled upload portal unique to User's responsibilities to simplify to supporting document submission process.

Credit Risk, Underwriting
& Compliance Made Easy

Always Improving, Never Settle. You are the Secured Party, not just a Lender.
We offer a new way to lend that can transform traditional lenders into powerful digital asset originators.


Save time and money by eliminating duplication of work, increasing the ROI, and reducing the OpEx. Eliminates tedious tasks through automation. Increased efficiency when closing loans with streamlined digital workflow tools and up-to-date technology for your team.


Dynamic personalized closing conditions. Allows customization at every level of process for your specific needs. Ensures compliance while maintaining ease of use.


Lessen the burden on your team with instant data sourcing, Artificial Intelligence Support, and digital tools. Reduce the time need for manual processing and underwriter review and approval.


ClearCloser is a mobile app for closing loans on the go. Finalize contracts in one day from any device. Transform the closing experience for your team and borrowers.


Track your loan progress through the entire process. Connectivity provides personalized loan experience. Reduce borrower anxiety by providing fast service.


Reduced risk of fraud, missed documents, and discrepancies. No more manual data uploading—everything goes automatically to the right spot.

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